Ratafia Champenois

This excellent aperitif is made from grape must that comes exclusively from our champagne vineyard and from Champagne brandy aged in oak barrels.

The ageing process gives Ratafia de Champagne its amber colour and mellow taste with gingerbread, honey and apple notes.
Serve chilled as an aperitif, or with foie gras, melon with Serrano ham, scallops and even blue-veined cheese.

Dosage: 120 g/L


Mahogany colour with amber reflections that evoke richness and maturity.


Intense nose opens with aromas of orange blossom, fig and honey.


Good balance of richness, freshness and alcohol. Flavours focus on dried fruits and gingerbread with a nice creaminess..

Dosage : 120 g /l