In Prouilly since 1633

Our House is the result of a passion and know-how inherited for more than 13 generations. Our ancestors, who settled in Prouilly more than 4 centuries ago, devoted themselves to the cultivation of the vine.

A family affair

After inheriting the parcels from their ancestors, Pierre and Simone Malingre, newlyweds in 1950, moved into our current Champagne House. They endeavoured to rebuild the vineyard after the wreckage of the Second World War. As the family press was destroyed, they joined the Trigny-Prouilly cooperative in 1957 to sell their products.

From the 1970s, it is their son Claude and his wife Nicole, originally from Trigny, who contributed to the expansion and modernisation of the vineyard. The first bottles of Champagne were sold in 1972 under the name of our grandfather « Champagne Pierre MALINGRE » !

Today, they have passed on their know-how to their daughter Jane, and her husband Frederic. Both strive to perpetuate the tradition and comply with new standards. They are developing new sales in France and abroad, while making you discover their craft and their new vintages !

We are winegrowers from father to son, and from father to daughter...

A preserved terroir

Champagne Pierre MALINGRE is found in the small village of Prouilly, in the heart of the Massif de St Thierry. Our vineyard extends over 9 ha on about 30 parcels in the villages of Prouilly, Trigny, Gueux and Janvry. The oldest were planted in 1973.

We cultivate the 3 Champagne grape varieties: Chardonnay, Meunier and Pinot Noir. The vines are grown in compliance with traditions, the terroir and the environment.

We obtained the Sustainable Viticulture certification in Champagne in 2023. We recognize the need to take action and protect our vineyard and our heritage. We have not used insecticides for more than 20 years, we practice grassing, use Biocontrol approved products and try to reduce phytosanitary treatments.

We, therefore, use all our expertise to produce the best vintages in compliance with the strict rules of the appellation.

To discover our profession, come and visit our vineyard.
It is a pleasure for us to welcome you !

Meticulous work and respect for tradition

Our parcels are cultivated on south/south-east facing hillsides and mid-hills, on sandy and clayey-limestone soils. Manual work keeps us busy all year round in the vineyards! The grapes are hand-picked to ensure that only the best ones are selected and are quickly transferred to the press to ensure optimal quality.

In Old French, Prouilly was called «Provinicicelliacus», which means «Close to the small vine». Records prove the existence of vines in our village as early as 857 !

The Benedictine abbey of Le Massif de St Thierry has also contributed to the development of our valley for many centuries. Several kings of France visited the abbey after their coronations in Reims.

Visit our vineyard to discover our profession and our passion